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I have been to 50 countries to date. However, I have not lived in all of these countries. This category will list only those countries I have lived in.

List of countries I have lived in

Note: countries I have stayed in for at least six months. However, quite a few of these I have lived in for many years.

  1. Austria:
  2. Hungary: Budapest, Szentendre (hometown)
  3. Slovenia: Ljubljana; November 1996—December 1997
  4. Croatia: Zagreb, Rijeka, Vukovar, Šibenik, Split, Dubrovnik;
  5. Denmark: August 1997, August 2005—February 2006
  6. Poland: Warsaw; 1984, December 1993—May 1994, September 1994
  7. Serbia (including Vojvodina, Kosovo, and Metohija): Belgrade; 1988
  8. Netherlands, The: Amsterdam; 1984, 1988, December 1999, May 2006
  9. United States of America: 1999—July 2005, October 2006-present
    • Corvallis, Oregon
    • Seattle, Washington
    • Boston, Massachusetts
    • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    • St Charles, Missouri
    • Chicago, Illinois
    • San Antonio, Texas
    • Houston, Texas
  10. Japan: Tokyo and Chiba; October 1995—June 1996
  11. Mexico:
  12. Ecuador: Guayaquil, Quito; 1992
  13. Peru: Lima, Arequipa; 1989—1992

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