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*[[wikipedia:Les Cowboys Fringants|Les Cowboys Fringants]] — Québécois
*[[wikipedia:Les Cowboys Fringants|Les Cowboys Fringants]] — Québécois
*[[wikipedia:Kaolin (band)|Kaolin]] — "Partons vite"
*[[wikipedia:Kaolin (band)|Kaolin]] — "Partons vite"
*Sinsemilia - "Tout Le Bonheur du Monde"
*Sinsemilia — "Tout Le Bonheur du Monde"
===Nouvelle Chanson===
===Nouvelle Chanson===
*[[wikipedia:Olivia Ruiz|Olivia Ruiz]] — French
*[[wikipedia:Olivia Ruiz|Olivia Ruiz]] — French

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My interest in music is diverse and covers most genres (although, there are certainly some genres I do not like). I plan to list information on my favourite artists and bands in this category.

Worldbeat (unsorted)

Modern musical projects based on Gregorian chant and other chants

Trip hop

see also: World of Trip Hop
  • Imogen Heap (formerly of Frou Frou) — British
  • Massive Attack
  • Anja Garbarek — Norwegian ("Stay Tuned", "Can I Keep Him?")
  • Mandalay (with vocals by Nicola Hitchcock)
  • Frou Frou / Imogen Heap
  • Sigur Rós — Icelandic
  • Lunascape — Belgian (w/Kyoko Baertsoen and Walter Hilhorst; see: Hooverphonic) ("Lane Navachi") (official: [6])
  • Lamb — (w/Lou Rhodes and Andy Barlow) ("Gabriel", "Gorecki", etc.)
  • Halou — (w/Rebecca Coseboom / Ryan Coseboom / Mikael Eldridge)
  • Emilíana Torrini — Icelandic ("Love in the Time of Science") (vocalist: Thievery Corporation)
  • Jem (aka Jemma Griffiths) — Welsh
  • Under Byen — Danish [7]
  • Efterklang — Danish [8]
  • Moloko — (w/Róisín Murphy and Mark Brydon) ("Forever More")
  • Esthero (aka Jen-Bea Englishman) — Canadian
  • Sia (aka Sia Furler) — Australian (see: Zero 7)
  • Morcheeba — British (w/Paul Godfrey and Ross Godfrey; previously Skye Edwards)
  • Second Person — British (w/Julia Johnson, Mark Maclaine, and Alvaro Lopez)
  • Kosheen — British (w/Markee Substance, Darren Decoder, and Sian Evans)
  • Karmacoda — American (w/Heather Pierce, B., Rafael Acevedo, and Eric Matsuno) (official: [9])
  • Velure — Australian (w/Lynnelle Moran, Dan West, Roy John, Chris Hale, and Lachlan Carrick) (official: [10])
  • Aria — Iclandic ("Ariella") (see: [11])
  • Badmarsh & Shri — British
  • Antenne — Danish (w/Kim G. Hansen and Marie-Louise Munck) (see: [12])
  • Bang Gang — Icelandic (founded by Barði Jóhannson and Henrik Baldvin Björnsson; vocalists: Esther Talia Casey and Védís Hervör Árnadóttir)
  • Greetings From Tuskan — (official: [13])

Dream pop

Ethereal Wave


Ethnic Electronica



  • Tiësto (aka DJ Tiësto or Tijs Verwest) — Dutch
  • Paul Oakenfold — British
  • Gabriel & Dresden — "Let Go" (feat. Molly Bancroft)
  • Andain — "Beautiful Things" (Andain is Josh Gabriel, Mavie Marcos, and David Penner)
  • Adam Nickey (aka Kai Del Noi) — (e.g., "Letting Go feat. Tiff Lacey")
  • Headstrong — (e.g., "Truth feat. Tiff Lacey")


  • IAMX — the solo project of Sneaker Pimps singer/instrumentalist Chris Corner


Alternative rock

Indie Rock

Symphonic metal

  • Within Temptation - "Stand My Ground", "Memories", "Pale", "Forsaken", "In Perfect Harmony", etc.






Contemporary Composers


  • "Clair de lune", Claude Debussy's depiction of the poem in his Suite bergamasque


  • "Canon in D major (Pachelbel's Canon)", by Johann Pachelbel (c. 1680)



  • Sofia Jannok — Swedish, mainly sings in Sami (one of my favourites: "Irene"; also "Liekkas")
  • Federico Aubele — Argentine
  • Rodrigo y Gabriela — Mexican
  • La Cabra Mecanica — Spanish
  • Carmen Consoli — Italian
  • Timoria — Italian
  • Afterhours — Italian
  • Vasco Rossi (aka "Blasco") (Rewind) — Italian
  • Kyo - "Une Derniere Danse"
  • Rammstein - "Du hast"
  • Scorpions - "Send Me An Angel", "Rock You Like a Hurricane", etc.
  • Dela Dela - "Sacred Spirit"
  • Mercan Mercan - "Nar-i Mey"
  • Lyra - "How Can I Keep From Singing"
  • O-Zone - "Dragostea din tei" (Moldovan)
  • Freak Power - "Song Number 6"
  • Greg Laswell - "Sweet Dreams"
  • Diana Krall

Chanson français




Nouvelle Chanson

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