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My name is Christoph Champ and this is my personal wiki. As is the trend these days with websites, this site will always be a work-in-progress (or a "beta" version).

Yes. I have a blog (see [1]), however, I like using both blogs and wikis to organise my work.

I am a graduate student studying Bioinformatics in Denmark.

I am a Third Culture Kid (or TCK). I have lived in or have traveled to 44 countries to date (as of December 2005). I consider myself a "citizen of the world", as I call no one country my home.

My interests are wide and I actively pursue ideas. I am training to become a scientist, however, I do not see this as just a future career; I see it as a way of life.

I also have a great number of hobbies and am always adding more.

My love of books runs deep. I try to read for at least an hour every day (books unrelated to my studies).

In my spare time, I create, maintain, and host websites. I am a firm believer in standards and I try to incorporate these into any of my designs. My belief in standards is not just limited to the Internet. I am in favour of International Standards wherever we can find a way to have them.

I love languages and learning them and I speak a few. However, English is my primary language. As a side note, I prefer British English in speech and spelling.

Finally, I have a great group of friends and a great family. I try to promote them in any way I can. Because of this, there will be links to articles and sites showing their work.

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This article is curently a "stub". This means it is an incomplete article needing further elaboration.

I always welcome suggestions, comments, and criticism. If you have something to contribute to this site, please follow this link: Contributing Information. Thank you!