Perl and Unix for Bioinformatics (academic course)

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Content is archived here for educational purposes only.



The student should be able to solve minor bioinformatics problem using Perl in a Unix environment, for example during project work


Elementary Unix with most common commando line file handling and input/output redirection. In the Perl programming language program writing and good programming practics is exercised. Loop structures, tables, and regular expressions are covered. The most common bioinformatic database formats, and their parsing, are covered. Computer exercises are integrated with lectures counting 5% of the final grade. The exam counts 95% of the final grade.


  • "Learning Perl", 3by Randal Schwartz & Tom Christiansen, O'Reilly; 3rd Edition. or
  • "Beginning Perl for Bioinformaticians", by James Tisdall, O'Reilly; 1st Edition.


  • Professor: Peter Wad Sackett, build. 208, room 020, (+45) 4525 2427,
  • Department: 27 BioCentrum-DTU
  • Home Page:
  • Semester: Spring 2006 (31 January 2006 — 9 May 2006; Mon; 13.00 - 17.00)