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PostScript (PS) is a page description language and programming language used primarily in the electronic and desktop publishing areas.

PostScript utilities

shuffle pages in a PostScript file (see manpage for details)


This section contains some sample re-arrangements. To put two pages on one sheet (of A4 paper), the pagespec to use is:

  • Select all of the odd pages in reverse order:
  • Re-arrange pages for printing 2-up booklets:

for the front sides, and


for the reverse sides.

  • convert to two-up:
pstops '4:0L@.67(20cm,1cm)+1L@.67(20cm,15cm),3R@.67(1cm,15.25cm)\
    +2R@.67(1cm,29.25cm)' $*.ps $*.dps

External links

PostScript hacks

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