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The GNU Binary Utilities, or binutils, is a collection of programming tools for the manipulation of object code in various object file formats. The current versions use the Binary File Descriptor library (libbfd). They are typically used in conjunction with GNU Compiler Collection, make, and GNU Debugger (GDB).

The binutils include the following commands:

  • as — assembler
  • ld — linker
  • addr2line — convert address to file and line
  • ar — create, modify, and extract from archives
  • c++filt — demangling filter for C++ symbols
  • nm — list symbols in object files
  • objcopy — copy object files, possibly making changes
  • objdump — dump information about object files
  • ranlib — generate indexes for archives
  • readelf — display content of ELF files.[1]
  • size — list total and section sizes
  • strings — list printable strings
  • strip — remove symbols from an object file
  • gprofProfiler

Most of the binutils are rather simple programs. Most of the complexity is encapsulated in the libbfd and libopcodes libraries, which they share.

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