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grep (Global Regular Expression Print; g/re/p; global / regular expression / print) is a command line utility that for a given a list of files or standard input to read, grep searches for lines of text that match one or many regular expressions, and outputs only the matching lines.

See also

  • agrepapproximate grep to facilitate fuzzy string searching
  • fgrep — fixed pattern searches
  • egrep — for searches involving more sophisticated regular expression syntax
  • ngrepnetwork grep
  • rgreprecursive grep
  • pgrep — displays the processes whose names match a regular expression
  • ugrep — only do basic regexp string matching
  • tcgrep — rewrite of grep which uses Perl regular expression syntax
  • apachegrep — a Perl program to help webmasters go through their apache logs
  • rexgrep — GUI frontend to grep
  • webgrep — a set of 7 search utilities for web-masters


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