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msec is a package of Mandriva Linux security tools.


Note: See man page for details.

msec ([-o <option>=<value>...]) ([0-5])


      msec  is  the  main  script  of the msec package. It enables the system
      administrator to change the security level for that  system.   msec  is
      provided  with  six  preconfigured  security levels. These levels range
      from poor security and ease of use, to paranoid  config,  suitable  for
      very sensitive server applications.

      You must be root to run msec.
      Launch  "msec x" to set you security level to x (x=[0-5]). It'll modify
      your system according to security  level  x  features.  Called  without
      argument,  it  will enforce the current security level without lowering
      All the changes are logged to  syslog(8)  at  the  AUTH  facility  when
      called non interactivelly (by cron for example) or at the LOCAL1 facil‐
      ity when called interactivelly (on the command line  or  from  Mandriva
      Linux Control Center for example).
      For  a  fine description of each security level, consult the documenta‐
      tion under /usr/share/doc/msec-*/security.txt.

      If you want to make  changes  to  the  current  level,  use  /etc/secu‐
      rity/msec/perm.local to override the permissions/owners/groups (use the
      same syntax as /usr/share/msec/perm.*  or use  the  drakperm  graphical
      utility)  and /etc/security/msec/level.local to override the rules (see
      mseclib(3) for details or use the draksec graphical utility).

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