OpenStack deployment with vagrant

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This article will cover the steps involved in getting OpenStack deployed using Vagrant and "packstack" from RDO.

WARNING: This article is very much under construction. Proceed with caution until this banner has been removed.
  • Deploy assumptions:
    • OS: Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS (Trusty)
    • Vagrant version: 1.7.4
    • OpenStack release: "Kilo" (April 2015)
    • RDO release: rdo-release-kilo-1 (noarch; 12 May 2015)

API calls

$ USERNAME=admin
$ PASSWORD=<redacted>
$ TOKEN=$(curl -sXPOST -H "Content-type: application/json" \
          -d '{"auth":{"tenantName": "admin", "passwordCredentials": \
              {"username": "${USERNAME}", "password": "${PASSWORD}"}}}' \
          "${ENDPOINT}/v2.0/tokens" | \
          python -c 'import sys,json;data=json.loads(;\
          print data["access"]["token"]["id"]')
$ curl -H"x-auth-token:$TOKEN" "${ENDPOINT}/v2.0"
$ curl -H"x-auth-token:$TOKEN" "${ENDPOINT}/v2.0/tenants"
$ curl -H"x-auth-token:$TOKEN" "${ENDPOINT}/v3/users"

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