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WikiSH is a command line wiki using only /bin/sh and plain Awk. It also includes a Wiki Engine for a web server.


Installation is extremely easy:

  • Create a folder ~/.wiki/
  • Copy* to ~/.wiki/
  • Copy to /usr/local/bin/ or some other place on the path

Commandline Usage

To make a HTML file from a wiki file call with the wiki file as parameter: MyWiki.txt

This creates a HTML file called MyWiki.html.

For more information on wiki edititing see:

Integration with vi

Add the following to your .vimrc:

 map <F6> :call Wikish()<CR><CR>

 " file
 fun! Wikish()
   :! %

Pressing F6 wikifies the currently open file in vi (i.e. runs on it and produces an HTML output file).


The default HTML is not XHTML and should be converted before using it. This, along with the CSS files, will make WikiSH web standards compliant. Simply running the output HTML file through HTML Tidy should fix most of the non-XHTML code. Or, you could just modify the script and CSS file (as I have done).

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