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I absolutely love cameras and anything related to photography. I have taken courses in photography and dark room techniques.


Since I travel a lot (see: World Travels), I like to record my experiences in any visual way possible. This usually means taking a lot of pictures. I have many thousands of pictures from the many places I have been and the many friends I have met. I will be adding a link to my Online Gallery, once it is ready to be shown.

Currently, most of my pictures have been taken with my Sony digital camera (DSC-P10; 5 Mpixel). However, I have also used my Canon SLR 35mm for the better moments.

I would love to afford a much better and digital SLR. My two favourite brands are Nikon and Canon. Of course, if I could afford them, I would purchase one of the following:

Any friends or fans (or even Canon or Nikon itself) reading this . . . you know my desiderata. Hey! One must try.


I plan to talk about photography techniques and give some examples from my own work here. My sister is also a Graphic Design artist, so I plan to promote her work here as well.

Lens focal length

Lens focal length
Lens focal length
(35mm equiv.)
Lens type Use in photography
<21mm extreme wide angle architecture
21-35mm wide angle landscape
35-70mm normal street / documentary
70-135mm medium telephoto portraiture
135-300mm telephoto sports / birds / wildlife





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