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== Specific information ==
== Specific information ==
* '''''[[Curriculum Vitae|curriculum vitae]]''''' ('''CV''')
* '''''[[Curriculum Vitae|curriculum vitae]]''''' ('''CV''')
[[Image:Champ qrcode.png]]
== External links ==
== External links ==

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Christoph Champ

My name is Christoph Champ and this is my personal wiki. As is the trend these days with websites, this site will always be a work-in-progress (or a "beta" version).

Yes. I have a blog, however, I like using both blogs and wikis to organise my studies, research, work, interests, and hobbies.

I am a graduate student studying Bioinformatics in Denmark.

I am a Third Culture Kid (or TCK). I have lived in or have traveled to 53 countries to date (as of August 2020). I consider myself a "citizen of the world", as I call no one country my home.

My life can be easily divided into chapters:

My interests are wide and I actively pursue ideas. I am training to become a scientist, however, I do not see this as just a future career; I see it as a way of life.

I also have a great number of hobbies and am always adding more.

My love of books runs deep. I try to read for at least an hour every day (books unrelated to my studies).

In my spare time, I create, maintain, and host websites.

I am a firm believer in standards and I try to incorporate these into any of my designs. My belief in standards is not just limited to the Internet. I am in favour of International Standards wherever we can find a way to have them.

I love languages and learning them and I speak a few. However, English is my primary language. As a side note, I prefer British English in speech and spelling.

My father, older brother, and I have been trying to set personal records of any kind for many years. These include anything from the most countries visited, the highest mountain climbed, the furthest north or south in latitude, the most time zones visited, etc.

Finally, I have a great group of friends and a great family. I try to promote them in any way I can. Because of this, there will be links to articles and sites showing their work.

Specific information

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External links

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