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Gentoo Linux is a computer operating system based on the Linux kernel and built using the Portage package management system.



Use `tsocks` (the Transparent SOCKS Proxying Library) to route traffic through an SSH tunnel.

  • Install `tsocks` first:
$ emerge -av tsocks
$ cp /etc/socks/tsocks.simple.example /etc/socks/tsocks.conf
$ vi /etc/socks/tsocks.conf
# Should only have the following two lines:
server =
server_port = 11024 # choose any port over 1024
  • Open a new shell and SSH into a "bastion" server:
$ ssh -D 11024 bob@x.x.x.x -p2222
  • Now you can install/sync:
$ tsocks emerge --sync


  • Check if you are running "init" or "systemd":
$ cat /proc/1/comm
  • Restart network:
$ systemctl restart

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