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Surface Racer calculates exact accessible surface area, molecular surface area, and average curvature of molecular surface for macromolecules. The program also analyzes cavities in the protein interior inaccessible from outside.[1]

See also

  • AREAIMOL is a command line tool in the CCP4 Program Suite for calculating ASA.
  • SURFNET — generates surfaces and void regions between surfaces from coordinate data supplied in a PDB file.
  • naccess
  • DMS — compute molecular surfaces.
  • PPI-Pred — protein-protein interface prediction.
  • SuMo — screen the Protein Data Bank (PDB) for finding ligand binding sites matching a protein structure or inversely, for finding protein structures matching a given site in a protein.
  • SPACE — tools for Structure Prediction and Analysis based on Complementarity with Environment.
  • MSMS — compute very efficiently triangulations of Solvent Excluded Surfaces.
  • VOIDOO Package — a program for detection of cavities in macromolecular structures.
  • sGAL — software for finding surface exposed sites in proteins suitable for Cys-mediated cross-linking.
  • GETAREA — Solvent Accessible Surface Areas, Atomic Solvation Energies, and Their Gradients for Macromolecules.


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Further reading

  • Woolley GA, Lee E, Zhang F (2006). "sGAL: a computational method for finding surface exposed sites in proteins suitable for Cys-mediated cross-linking". Bioinformatics, 22(24):3101-3102. DOI:10.1093/bioinformatics/btl530 .
  • Jambon M (2006-08-10). "Protein volume". (accessed 2007-04-27).

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