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Rancher is a container management platform. Rancher natively supports and manages all of your Cattle, Kubernetes, Mesos, and Swarm clusters.

Container management

  • App Catalog
  • Orchestration: Compose, Kubernetes, Marathon, etc.
  • Scheduling: Swarm, Kubernetes, Mesos, etc.
  • Monitoring: cAdvisor, Sysdig, Datadog, etc.
  • Access Control: LDAP, AD, GitHub, etc.
  • Registry: DockerHub, Quay.io, etc.
  • Engine: Docker, Rkt, etc.
  • Security: Notary, Vault, etc.
  • Network: VXLAN, IPSEC, HAProxy, etc.
  • Storage: Ceph, Gluster, Swift, etc.
  • Distributed DB: Etcd, Consul, MongoDB, etc.

Setup Rancher HA with AWS

NOTE: This section is currently incomplete. It will be updated soon.

For my Rancher HA with AWS setup, I will use the following:

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC): rancher-vpc (w/3 subnets)
  • Rancher management subnet: (us-west-2a)

Rancher management server nodes (EC2 instances)

  • Rancher management server nodes (EC2 instances running CentOS 7):
    • mgmt-host-1 (
    • mgmt-host-2 (
    • mgmt-host-3 (

Each of the Rancher management server nodes (referred to as "server nodes" from now on) will have Docker 1.10.3 installed and running.

Each of the server nodes will have the following security group inbound rules:

Security group inbound rules
Type Protocol Port Source Purpose
SSH TCP 22 ssh
HTTP TCP 80 http
HTTPS TCP 443 https
TCP TCP 81 proxy_to_http
TCP TCP 444 proxy_to_https
TCP TCP 6379 redis
TCP TCP 2376 swarm
TCP TCP 2181 zookeeper_client
TCP TCP 2888 zookeeper_quorum
TCP TCP 3888 zookeeper_leader
TCP TCP 3306 mysql (RDS)
TCP TCP 8080
TCP TCP 18080 <optional>
UDP UDP 500 access between nodes
UDP UDP 4500 access between nodes

External database (RDS)

The external database (DB) will be running on an AWS Relational Database Service (RDS) and we shall call this RDS: "rancher-ext-db" and it will be listening on port 3306 on and be in VPC "rancher-vpc". The RDS will be running MariaDB 10.0.24.

External load balancer (ELB)

The external load balancer (LB) will be running on an AWS Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) and we shall call this ELB: "rancher-ext-lb". It will be in VPC "rancher-vpc" and it will have the following listeners configured:

ELB listeners
Load Balancer Protocol Load Balancer Port Instance Protocol Instance Port Cipher SSL Certificate
TCP 80 TCP 81 N/A N/A
TCP 443 TCP 444 N/A N/A
HTTP 8080 HTTP 8080 N/A N/A

  • Create ELB policies:
$ LB_NAME=rancher-ext-lb
$ POLICY_NAME=rancher-ext-lb-ProxyProtocol-policy
$ aws --profile ${AWS_PROFILE} elb create-load-balancer-policy \
      --load-balancer-name ${LB_NAME} \
      --policy-name ${POLICY_NAME} \
      --policy-type-name ProxyProtocolPolicyType \
      --policy-attributes AttributeName=ProxyProtocol,AttributeValue=true
$ aws --profile ${AWS_PROFILE} elb set-load-balancer-policies-for-backend-server \
      --load-balancer-name ${LB_NAME} \
      --instance-port 81 \
      --policy-names ${POLICY_NAME}
$ aws --profile ${AWS_PROFILE} elb set-load-balancer-policies-for-backend-server \
      --load-balancer-name ${LB_NAME} \
      --instance-port 444 \
      --policy-names ${POLICY_NAME}

Rancher HA management stack

A fully functioning Rancher HA setup will have the following Docker containers running:

Rancher management stack
Service Containers IPs Traffic to Portsa Traffic flow
6 x cattle
rancher-ha-parent (x3),, zookeeper, redis 3306/tcp>8080/tcp>12181/tcp>12888/tcp>13888/tcp>16379/tcp
rancher-ha-cattle (x3),, zookeeper, redis
2 x go-machine-service
management_go-machine-service_{1,2}, cattle 3306, 8080
3 x load-balancer
management_load-balancer_{1,2,3},, websocket-proxy, cattle 80, 443, 81, 444>80-81/tcp>443-444/tcp
3 x load-balancer-swarm
management_load-blancer-swarm_{1,2,3},, websocket-proxy-ssl 2376>2376/tcp
2 x rancher-compose-executor
management_rancher-compose-executor_{1,2}, cattle
3 x redis
rancher-ha-redis,, tunnel
36 x tunnel
rancher-ha-tunnel-redis-1 (x3),, redis 6379>
rancher-ha-tunnel-redis-2 (x3),, redis 6379>
rancher-ha-tunnel-redis-3 (x3),, redis 6379>
rancher-ha-tunnel-zk-client-1 (x3),, zookeeper 2181>
rancher-ha-tunnel-zk-client-2 (x3),, zookeeper 2181>
rancher-ha-tunnel-zk-client-3 (x3),, zookeeper 2181>
rancher-ha-tunnel-zk-leader-1 (x3),, zookeeper 3888>
rancher-ha-tunnel-zk-leader-2 (x3),, zookeeper 3888>
rancher-ha-tunnel-zk-leader-3 (x3),, zookeeper 3888>
rancher-ha-tunnel-zk-quorum-1 (x3),, zookeeper 2888>
rancher-ha-tunnel-zk-quorum-2 (x3),, zookeeper 2888>
rancher-ha-tunnel-zk-quorum-3 (x3),, zookeeper 2888>
2 x websocket-proxy
management_websocket-proxy_{1,2}, cattle
2 x websocket-proxy-ssl
management_websocket-proxy-ssl_{1,2}, cattle
3 x zookeeper
rancher-ha-zk,, tunnel
3 x rancher-ha (cluster-manager)
rancher-ha (x3),, host 80, 18080, 3306 172.22.1.x:x->
3 x NetworkAgent
NetworkAgent,, all 500/udp, 4500/udp>500/udp>4500/udp

a TCP, unless otherwise specified.

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