Technical and Specialized Skills

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This article will present a list of the technical and specialized skills I have as wells as links to articles I have written on each of them. I have been actively and professionally involved with the majority of the following since May 2000 (see: Curriculum Vitae for details).

  • Legend:
    25per.png = beginner
    50per.png = basic
    75per.png = intermediate
    100per.png = advanced

Computer operating systems

  • 100per.png Primary OS: Linux (32-bit/64-bit; distros: CentOS {favourite}, SuSE, Mandriva, Slackware, and Ubuntu)
  • 25per.png Gentoo (still learning but loving this distro!)
  • 50per.png CoreOS
  • 50per.png Unix (used this during my time in academia)
  • 50per.png Mac OS

Cloud computing and virtual environments

Computer languages, scripting, etc

  • 100per.png Python (+Pandas) — 2006-present
  • 100per.png Perl (+CGI) — 1999-present
  • 75per.png C (+MPI/MPICH) — 2000-2012
  • 50per.png Fortran 77 — 2004-2010
  • 100per.png MySQL — 2002-present

Web Oriented

Shell scripting languages and techniques

 see: Category:Linux Command Line Tools and Category:Scripting languages for detailed listing.

Graphical scripts

Linux Systems Administration, Networking, and Security

Note: Everything listed here is Linux-related.


  • MySQL / MariaDB / Percona
  • SQLite

Web Applications

Note: The following is an incomplete list.

Software (*nix)

 see: Category:Bioinformatics and Category:Crystallography for more.